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June 2017 Annoucements


Sorry, no improv classes this summer.


Please mark your calendar for the first week of August.
Prodigy will reconvene then with classes and a full Children's theater production.


Winter season has started!

Location is the moonlight room in lazy acres natural market.

Prodigy is mobile!

New studio address to be announced soon!

You are cordially invited to a day of theater!

Please join the PRODIGY Players on June 13th , 2:00 pm at the Encinitas Library.

"The Mischief Makers" is a comedy wrapped in legends and folktales.

Do you know how knowledge was spread to all the world?

Have you ever wondered how sunlight came to be?

Follow Raven, Spider, and Fox as they spin their tales and then ask YOU to vote for which one is the best!

Take a trip to the Pacific Northwest with the PRODIGY Players and their new play: "The Mischief Makers".

The show is approximately one hour long, be sure to stay for the whole show so you can vote for the winner.

See you at the THEATER!

Caryn Hall

PRODIGY coming to YOU!

Caryn will be taking her classes and plays on the road to a location near you!!

Do you know a program that could use a PRODIGY class?

Let me know as I can customize a class or a play to fit your needs.

Call 858-336-0878 to book now.


June 22-26 - Summer Camp

Song and Dance Camp!

June 22th - June 26th

June 29th - July 3rd

9 am - 2 pm

lunch at cottonwood creek park


ages 4 and up.


Studio Recital in June

Theme is villains and villainesses!

Recital is at the Encinitas Community Center.


June 6 - The Mischief Makers

PRODIGY Players are performing "The Mischief Makers", a Pacific Northwest Play of Legends and Folklore

The Raven, Spider and Fox spin three tales of mischief into magic!

June 6th at 11:00am at the Encinitas Library in the Community Room.


Upcoming December Performances

PRODIGY Studio performs songs and dances

Quail Garden Holiday of Lights

Dec 10th 6:00 pm


"Ho Ho Ho The Christmas Chronicles"

Encinitas Library

Dec 13th 11:00 am

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Parent Ann S. says...

A few of us were comparing notes about some of the great kids activities, classes, etc. available around Carlsbad and Encinitas, and the subject of acting came up.
Our older daughter Brenna has been involved with Prodigy Players, a local kids’ theatre troupe, for the past 2+ years...

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Parent Laurie S. says...

I wanted to tell u how much fun Avery had at Camp! Literally I think it was the most she has ever enjoyed any camp! She sang and danced and performed Fame every night for us, and one night for company! :-)
Anyway we were pretty impressed with how great it was and wanted to let you know. Wish she could do another week!!

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Bella Cuda works on the set of House this week!

Bella Cuda on the Days of our Lives set.

Parent Melina says...

Peter passed out

The kids had a fantastic time (so did we!). And the picture is a living proof! Peter passed out in the car (3 hour nap!!!!- he doesn't nap these days) 5 minutes after we left the studio.
We'll see you next year!

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Parent Constanze S. says...

What a nice opportunity for kids to “act” out! Caryn has the magic touch when it comes to getting my daughter to sing, dance, and act! For days after having a class there, my daughter is singing the songs! It is so wonderful to see a structured arts class that embraces my child’s imagination and talents! We will go to a week-long summer camp and have our kid’s birthday party there! We love it!

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PRODIGY Working girl!

Bella Cuda works on the set of House this week!

March 2012
- Bella Cuda works on the set of House this week!