I would like to thank you for creating such a special camp for the little kids. Anna had such a great time at your camp last week. I was so impressed with the Pirates musical performance last Friday. I can't believe that you were able to get it all prepared from scratch in just one week. All kids knew exactly what they were supposed to do, all were excited and very proud of their performance. My daughter didn't even know who the pirates were before your camp! :)

Thank you,

- Julia

I wanted to tell u how much fun Avery had at Camp! Literally I think it was the most she has ever enjoyed any camp! She sang and danced and performed Fame every night for us, and one night for company :-)

Anyway we were pretty impressed w how great it was and wanted to let u know. Wish she could do another week!!

- Laurie Stover

Peter passed out

The kids had a fantastic time (so did we!).

And the picture is a living proof!

Peter passed out in the car (3 hour nap!!!!- he doesn't nap these days) 5 minutes after we left the studio.

We'll see you next year!

- Melina, Jade, Jasmine & Peter

I have to tell you, she is LOVING camp. She talked about singing and dancing and wearing dark makeup (had to have the darkest nailpolish this morning) and showed me the routines multiple times yesterday. Then told me the whole scene with everyone's lines. She talked and talked from the time I picked her up at 3:30 p.m. until she went to bed at 8:30 p.m. I cannot wait to see everything at 3 p.m.!

- Jennifer

I wanted to thank you for offering such a great camp last week. Lauren seemed to really enjoy it and felt very comfortable in camp.

She has been going to another camp and for her first week she took hip hop. There was a recital on the last day and Lauren refused to perform. So, we were very anxious about the camp and unsure whether or not she would like it.

We could not believe how well she did at the recital and how excited she was all week to perform. She didn't even look one bit nervous during the show and she had so many different parts. Ken and I were floored to see her so comfortable.

I wanted to share this with you because I don't know how you did it but I've never seen so much confidence in Lauren in such a setting.

- Michelle

I've been meaning to thank you for the camp last week. Although Tyler got scared with all of the parents there and wasn't able to participate in the performance, he had a wonderful time with you all week! I was a little concerned about the long day since he was only used to Tue/Thur 8:30-12:30 preschool, and the camp was all week and all day, but he said he had fun every day! He seemed to really love it and that is a huge testament to you!

- Lisa

Is a child born with talent or is it developed? One way to answer that question is to take your child to PRODIGY. Caryn is an exceptional performer in her own right and instills confidence, timing, and a love for the arts in any child that comes in. We are not talking a one act play here: Caryn coaches all aspects of the arts and fine arts. Every time I walk in there, something else is going on—the kids are completely engaged and happy. I have sent three moms and families over to Caryn at PRODIGY over the last 12 months and all three have adopted PRODIGY as a second home for their young family.

The answer to my quiz is: Talent should be nurtured with love in a non-competitive setting as early as possible. With Caryn, your kids will perform better on life’s stage, in the home, in school, with friends, and they will have fun! I have known Caryn for 7 years and PRODIGY is her brainchild—a unique place in Encinitas where children can connect to their creative side and have fun. I recommend PRODIGY.

- Ford S.

What a nice opportunity for kids to “act” out! Caryn has the magic touch when it comes to getting my daughter to sing, dance, and act! For days after having a class there, my daughter is singing the songs! It is so wonderful to see a structured arts class that embraces my child’s imagination and talents! We will go to a week-long summer camp and have our kid’s birthday party there! We love it!

- Constanze S.

We loved having PRODIGY at the Garden! The kids were mesmerized. They loved watching the kids acting on stage.

- Diana Goforth, Director at Quail Gardens

Prodigy fills a great need in Encinitas: to provide quality theatre instruction for children and youth, and has become a vital part of the arts community.

- Jim Gilliam, Arts Administrator, City of Encinitas

Caryn is concerned with the process and exploration of the actor more then a shiny product. Daisy loves her, she is great with the kids!

- Robin Soth, mother of student involved in Musical Theater, Dance and the Players

Thanks for all you do for the kids, the school is amazing. I never thought Julia would go down this acting path but she really loves the Players.

- Elissa David, daughter in voice, and musical theater and the Players

We love Caryn and the gig she's got going on at PRODIGY! Our daughter has a blast every weekend. The performances are low pressure and high energy!

- Piper Lacy, mom of Player